Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing God

Sure, it's easy to say I know I'm not God - I mean it looks obvious and all, but what about all the times I play out a role of little pretend goddess?

All the Ways I Think I'm God

  • When I can't resist the urge to give advice, just sure it will change someone's life instantly.

  • When I think that my worrying and fretting (or pre-worrying, as my sister calls it), will change the outcome of tomorrow, the future, the distant future, and the destiny of everyone and everything.

  • When I can't accept not knowing.

  • When changing my mind is out of question.

  • When I insist on my plans and schemes - without possibility for interruptions and detours.

  • When I have to be important. When deep down I'm terrified that I'm insignificant, and I try to make up for it.

  • When I argue my right to be right, and think that rightness earns me bonus points.

  • When I act as if God can't run the world without me.
God: Next time I insist I'm God, let me remember that I'm probably not, especially at the moment. Let me shut up and let the real God be in charge. Amen.