Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfection, Problems, and You

There's that problem.

You know the one.

The problem you've tried to solve umpteen million ways since June.

Since before June.

Since 1987.

Since, every month of your life.

As you tell yourself, I shouldn't be this way. I shouldn't be dealing with this again. When will I ever stop having . . . ?

(Fill in the blank. With anything.)

And you haven't figured it out yet: This problem is your teacher.

This problem is tied up with what you need while you're on this planet. You are being asked to listen to the teacher.

And this problem is custom-made for you.

Perfect for you.

She is wanting to love you, but you keep pushing her away.

So. Yes. That problem.

What if: the way this is showing up in your life at this moment is absolutely perfect?

Ah, and what if:

             the way you are living with it,

             looking at it, working with it,

             moving it around

             how you are being with it

            is exactly perfect?

What if your teacher is giving you an "A"  you don't recognize?

What if you are absolutely perfect as you are?

Gaining insight and richness and wisdom.

Being here.

Welcoming your teacher.

Your teacher, in disguise, who loves you.