Friday, October 28, 2011

Unruly Faith

I want to keep letting God out of the box. More and more, I see the need for people of faith to let go of moldy, outmoded ideas and develop a relationship with boundless love. Allowing creativity and the arts to lead the way, rather than being suspicious of our impulses. Trusting in a love that is BOUNDLESS and ENORMOUS, so much bigger than our petty human preferences and arguments.

I'm calling it Unruly Faith. (Follow me on Twitter: @UnrulyFaith). Moving beyond the fussy rules of people, and into the greatest thing: Divine Grace.

What an adventure!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Why of Bowing

Breaking the Bow
by Randy MacLean

I have nothing against humility
Accepting the wondrous enormity of God

But for years I had an odd yucky feeling
About bowing one's head in prayer

It was like saying:
I am a permanently horrible miserable being.
Oh Lord have mercy.

Mercy is endless, limitless
When we are open
We are eternally wonderful

Now when I bow my head
It brings me closer
So I can hear You beating in my Heart