Monday, May 11, 2009


I have a lot to say to God, or to myself about God, in my journal. But when it comes to sharing these insights, understandings and whimsies with others, I clam up. I can't talk about that. I can't blog this. Folks might disagree. Besides, I'll sound dumb.

Too embarrassed to sing along with the music I hear.

I start to wonder, if we are created to work together, to sing together, to create harmony - and I believe we are - then, what happens if some of us refuse to sing, out of shyness, awkwardness and doubt?

It makes for a pretty unbalanced choir when various singers, perhaps the whole alto section, refuse to open their mouths. Meanwhile, those tenors are belting it out, and everyone watching thinks that if you're in this particular choir, you must be a tenor. Yep. They're sure you sing those same exact notes as the other guys. And how will they know different, if you don't add a squeak of your own music?

Harmony isn't about singing the same notes, but striking a chord that blends and beautifies. If I'm silent, or pretending to be a tenor when I'm not, or standing in a corner complaining and critizing, I am not doing my part to contribute to faith on the planet.

In all the ways we can, we need to be singing.

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Lisa said...

Is that why I feel like I have become so loud in the past few years? My voice still surprises me at times but nobody thinks I'm a tenor anymore. And, for the most part, that has been okay. At least now I know I can sing!