Friday, July 24, 2009

God In The Box

It's safe for ages 3 and up. Oh, very, very safe! You'll know you have a genuine God-in-the-Box by this: the only time God pops up is when you turn the handle. A jaunty tune plays, always the same, one you have memorized. The face has only one expression: a benign smile.

You're a little possessive of your God-in-the-Box and don't like it when someone suggests another way to play. It makes you nervous when someone suggests that possibly, the One in the box might be other than you've always thought. Maybe that One would prefer being elsewhere.

Your life is as tidy and bright and square as the box you keep God in - and about as useful. Yet you understand that some places are not appropriate for your God-in-the-box, and you oblige by leaving it at home, say, when going out to dinner, or grocery shopping, perhaps, out among needy people.

As soon as the time as right, though, you can always crank the handle of that God-in-the-Box. And--thank God-in-the-box! You can easily press God back down when you're done with him.

Do you have one of these? How's it working for you?


Robert Benson said...

Mine is working great, though if you happen to speak with the Creator of the Universe — is it too much here to say 'May the Name be praised'? — I would be grateful if you did not mention me and my box and the fact that I think there is a God in there.

Namaste —

R. Benson

larryis said...
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larryis said...

I cranked the handle of that God-in-a-Box, and God popped up with a boing-oing-oing and said, "I love you so much." I like to watch God bob up and down, up and down kinda slinky like.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Can't do much in a box," God answered.

"I put a frog in my pocked long ago and took him home. He hopped away when I pulled him out of my dark packet," I said just because.

"Frogs hop really good, don't they?"

I wanted my God-in-a-Box to hop, so I broke the box all apart and pulled the coiled spring out of his butt.

He said, "Ouch. It felt like you killed me for a second there.""

Anyway, God hopped away. I hopped with my God-in-a-Box, but he wasn't just my God anymore. He and I hopped to just about everyone in the whole, big world.