Friday, June 21, 2013

A Poem for Everyday Prophets

"Rejection . . . teaches. This is a powerful revelation, like the burning UFO wheel seen by the prophet Ezekiel, or like the McRib sandwich shaped like the Virgin Mary seen by the prophet Steve Jenkins." --Chuck Wendig, as quoted in Aerogramme Writers' Studio.

I love this nod to the prophets, those rejected or quirky folks whose revelations come from suffering as artists (even if they are pretty weird). We are those everyday prophets, artists, and poets, even as we face rejection. As a matter of fact, you really shouldn't trust any prophet who hasn't had a hard life . . . . 


A false prophet is easy to tell
by his clean neck, fine voice
the maps in his glove box
and his command of time.
Real prophets
don't believe half what they hear themselves saying
smoke too much
owe on their taxes
have a way of looking at you
sharp as boots
seeing a ways off and pretty far down
spying what you'd have noticed
but for the dirt in your eye.
Real prophets
kick at things
dig straight to Hell
say, Hold this
hand you the shovel
and jump in first.
Real prophets miss buses
hitch rides on beer trucks
say, Meant to get here sooner, but . . . .
Meanwhile you wait by the highway
tracing your toe in the dust
map in fist
thinking you're done for.

                          --Christi Krug

 The above poem was previously published in the Aroostook Review.


Cynthia J. McGean said...

Oh this is magnificent, Christi!

Christi Krug said...

Thank you, Cynthia! I love being in conversation with you, fellow artist and prophet.