Thursday, August 28, 2014

El Camino de Santiago: A New Beginning, A Look Back

As I begin my Camino this week, I look back at my visit ten years ago. I started on what is known as the "French Way," hiking over the Pyrenees into Spain. 

Pilgrim Anne gets credit for starting me on the journey. She has hiked the Camino three times!

That first visit, I completed 150 miles of the French Way. This time, I'll pick up the trail in Leon and continue to Santiago. I'm not married to any plan, though - and I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing, as I'm not carrying any wired gadgets.

Silence, for me, is a key component of the walk.

And so is the willingness to accept what comes.

My first pilgrimage taught me that the most important thing is an open heart toward every experience, even if it takes you away from what you thought was supposed to happen.

My intention now, is to savor each step and discovery. In truth, you're only ever here once.


Gypmar said...

Sounds wonderful, in every way.

Shirley Graybill Mozena said...

After seeing the movie about this, I want to do that hike--I really don't think it's a walk. Enjoy, Christi!

Christi Krug said...

Thanks, Gypmar! I'm sure I'll be thinking of you along the way. Shirley, thanks - you would love it!