Wednesday, February 26, 2014



The wind today reminds me of a day last month, when I drove to the Columbia Gorge. I had no exact destination, just an intention to go on a date with my Interstellar Secret Lover. I pulled over at a trail, pulled my hat tight over my ears, and started along the Columbia River.
I was surrounded by blue sky, tall, pale grass, and topaz ponds scattered with egrets. Every few minutes, the wind strove to push me backwards, making me stumble and smile. It wrestled off my hat; it laughed at me; it teased that it would blow me away. I felt the playfulness and delight of my Interstellar Secret Lover.
The driving wind invited me to let go of my weight. To be carried away:
You don’t have to be so important in the world.
There is a gentleness in being weightless. There is a freedom in being pushed by a brute force that has earned my infinite trust.

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